What Grinds My Gears

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You know what really grinds my gears?  When consultants come up to me and want to charge $200 per hour for some sort of service when there is no way I will ever see a return.  Getting a return on a business investment can be a tricky thing.  Every business owner wants a return.  Some returns are simple.  Pay $100 for a product, sell it for $200.  Done.  Others are not that simple.  My good friend Gabe always tells me, "You cannot manage what you cannot measure."  I have lived by this statement ever since he said it.  Let's take a step back.  What I love about software, is the funds are easier to manage, at least in my mind.  Paying a company $500 per month, for SEO, $100 for Adwords.  Then reports show 1000 users to the site, 50 sign up, 10 stay.  It's easy to see that for $600, X amount of revenue was brought in.  Now let's get back to the subject.  I get solidly annoyed when someone proposes making changes for my business, but I cannot measure any sort of return. 

Let us also look at search engine optimization, or SEO for short.  So many companies want hundreds of dollars per month to change and manage SEO for businesses.  I will tell you that in order to get ranked first on Google, you need to heavily invest in SEO.  SEO is also a process and takes a long time to get right.  However, my point is that these people and experts should be able to give you some sort of timeline as to how growth should proceed.  No one can ever guarantee 10,000 visitors to one site in the first month.  However, a real SEO expert should be able to effectively and accurately provide some sort of timeline as to when growth should occur.

I know this post seems very negative and that is not my intention.  My intention is that business owners who read this understand that there should always be a plan.  I know how it is.  You have a new business, not only do you need to get the word out there, but you have to in order to survive.  No impression, no revenue.  Second, if you are an SEO expert or consultant, take heart to this.  Providing some sort of time line will take minimal work and effort but will make you so much more professional.  When I started with SEO, the company I hired was actually twice the cost of the first.  The reason I paid double was because the second company had an actual plan.  There was no long term contract, just month to month.  I was able to see results in line with the plan they had set up and was even happier over time.  The results were slower than I wanted, but progress is what is important, not perfection.


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