Why Customized Software May or May Not Be Worth The Price

Software has been around for half a century and it has only grown since it's inception.  Many companies have either hired full time staff to develop custom software, or hired outside companies to develop what was needed.  This proved very costly for build out, but also even more time consuming as servers had to be built on location.  As the cloud developed as part of the internet, software companies emerged in which businesses could customize parts of the software to tailor to their needs.  Customizing software as a "consultant" only proved to be an additional cost.  Over the last twenty or so years, customized CRM client retention management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems have skyrocketed.  Many consultants for these systems are over $200 per hour.  Companies may pay $20,000 just to customize a CRM to their needs, on top of monthly fees.

Let's talk about Salesforce.  Salesforce is one of the largest CRM providers in the nation.  Before I begin, I do want to note this post is in no way derogatory towards Salesforce.  The issue with SF, is that if a company does not pay thousands of dollars to customize, then software is basically useless.  Furthermore, each login is a contract for one (1) year.  Let's assume a small business owner is reading this.  The owner signs up for six (6) logins, but one of those employees leaves within three months.  Until that position is filled, the owner is still paying for that login.  On the surface, $65 per month does not seem like a lot to just throw away, but over a nine month period that is $585, which is probably one or two month's rent.  Salesforce can be very costly to customize, and customization and maintenance will almost always be needed as business changes.  If the company is bringing in $5 million in revenue per year, then this is a minimal cost, but for most small businesses averaging some $500k per year, this is too great a cost.

Dasol Group's software is specifically designed to have minimal training and virtually no customization.  There are many tools that users can use or not use, but the price remains the same.  Some companies may need more, and as more users login to our systems and feedback is given, Dasol's software's will change.  For now, these systems are designed to get companies up and running and provide better service.

I'm not telling you to use Salesforce or not use it.  There is a reason it's one of the largest in the nation, as it can be a truly amazing software.



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