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Starting a software Company

How Software Has Changed      Software has drastically changed in the last twenty years.  With cloud infrastructure, it is much easier for entrepreneurs to start their own SaaS companies with little resources.  Gone are the days where companies spent millions for on-premise equipment such as servers, storage, and everything else.  Gone are the days where full time developers made everything from scratch.  In the early days, my father, a COBOL programmer, had to make everything himself.  In today's market, GitHub, GitLab, and every other repository service has open source software and plugins that developers give a way, for free.  Websites such as and Upwork make it easy for American entrepreneurs to connect with developers in India, who only charge $20 per hour.  The $20 sounds enticing to a startup, especially compared to prices of American developers.  If this is so easy, then how come it took me nearly two years just to get my software launched?         Reg