Why Switch to IoT?

Business owners already have enough costs associated with running things.  From employees to offices, to taxes, software costs are just another expense business owners have to endure.  Before I give my two cents about switching to IoT software and services, remember why businesses buy and/or license software.  For a business to be successful, it has to obtain and utilize tools to meet customer expectations and satisfaction.  There are a number of tools to utilize but for many, software is one.  Software can help eliminate certain costs and create records for transactions and vital business information.  For years, software has been a growing industry with many resources obtaining more efficient ways to run things.  The internet of things, or IoT as many call it, has been one of the next steps in software and cloud infrastructure.  IoT connects physical objects to the internet.  Some early IoT concepts were coffee makers, with phone applications, doorbells with cameras and smartphone apps, just to name a couple.  It is no doubt that IoT is the next step in software and as a business owner, taking advantage of the new technology can benefit greatly.  There is a reason companies are putting millions of dollars into R&D for these technologies.  The Dasol Group's IoT infrastructure connects people to inanimate objects, creating a peace of mind for customers, and even managers.  Beyond checking up on workers, Dasol Group's IoT concepts save time.  With most software, even when workers record work performed, someone has to spend time and compile the data, generate a report, and send it.  

Check this article from Forbes about the growth of IoT.  IoT is still new, but waiting could cost you more in the long run.


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